Eco Sustainability

The social responsibility of Euro Steel Srl provides for the commitment, ethical and social, in choosing tools, technologies, and actions every day that impact the environment as little as possible. Euro Steel Srl considers itself an eco-sustainable and organized company that considers the paradigm of the 3 Ps of John Elkington


These 3Ps for Euro Steel Srl are the foundations of an eco-sustainable company that thinks, plans, and acts on an environmental (planet) and social (people) level without losing sight of the profit (profit).


Euro Steel Srl makes responsible choices every day for the protection of our planet and we are proud of this, from small to large purchases, from ecological plant-based and biodegradable detergents to the purchase of compostable objects to plants in offices to purify the air. Over the years, it has invested in electrical equipment such as cranes and forklifts powered by the installed photovoltaic systems. There are exactly 3 photovoltaic systems installed, each of which is studied and designed for powering the office building, workshop operation, and recharging of electrical equipment.