Industries we Serve

Our Company address to all the realities of the petrochemical, aerospace and oil & gas. We supply directly to the most known Italian and international steel mills and foundries, and this allows us to guarantee at our suppliers/customers long-term working relationships and favorable conditions.

Euro Steel S.r.l. recycles scrap blades, vanes, disks, hubs, stators, fuel nozzles to full scrap jet engines.
Industrial Gas Turbines
Euro Steel S.r.l. recycles scrap blades, buckets, vanes, nozzles, burner cans, combustion liners, bolts, consumables, shrouds, pads and transitions pieces.
Oil & Gas
Euro Steel S.r.l. recycles scrap pipe and other materials from the oil and gas industry.
Euro Steel S.r.l. recycles engines and hot parts mechanical processing.